Fake Christianity


Fake Christianity

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As I entered yet another church on Sunday, I caught myself asking the same question. Why am I here? Of course I want a relationship with Jesus and I want to worship him. I want to FEEL his love so I thought I should come to church to try to find other Christians who feel the way I do.

Interestingly, this is about the 5th church myself and my family has visited in two months. I have been a long-time Christ follower and have had great "churchy" experiences in the past but something has happened. I want MORE. Something seems to be missing.

I've felt like everything is a big show at church and that everyone is in their best- best outfit, best fake smile, best behavior. I hate it (yes, hate is a strong word but it's needed here). Why do we "put on our Sunday best" and show up to sing what ends up being an act of praise more than actually praising God the way we should. The only thing I've come up with is pride. When we are feeling that we have the world by the... um, planet, we are fine and feel like we don't need God. When we are upset we don't want to praise so we fake it.





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